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November 2018

November 1st brought snow out to our place! I guess winter is on its way!

My back is slowly healing and both Finn and I are bored and missing riding! Maci is doing well with Lainy and continues to progress in her training. They are both in the upcoming Jim Anderson clinic (Nov 8, 9, 10) and will be doing an intro to cows on Nov 11th!

All the rest of the horses are doing well. Old Skipper is currently being leased out to Charissa as she has started up her own lesson horse program and all my students were too advanced/demanding on the old guy who will be 27 in the spring! Sham is happy with his special front shoes and all the pregnant girls are getting along well and starting to look pregnant! I am so excited for the spring!

Here is a short video from a training ride on Nov 2nd, 2018. This is Maci's first ride with sliders! 

Maci did fabulous for her first time on cows!! Wow!!

I had a good time hanging out with the horses on my property on Nov 18th! The broodmares are doing well and all getting along nicely with growing bellies. Sham is looking good for a 21.5 year old horse. Finn is bored and really needs a ball! Maybe someone wants to buy him a ball with a cover for Christmas??!! LOL

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