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January 2019

So far the new year has been great! I have very much been enjoying watching the baby bellies grow on the 4 pregnant mares. I pulled them out today (Jan 13th) to give them a bit of a 'spa' day. They all got brushed, feet picked out and manes and tails trimmed and detangled. Lainy and I did the nail and string test with all of them and even though I am a little skeptical as to whether it actually can predict the gender of the foal, we thought would would try it! If the nail starts to swing back and forth then its a colt, if the nail swings in a circle, then its a filly. Well according to the test, only Mindy is having a filly this year. I guess we will find out! Even little Doc got some love today. He got his feed trimmed and his mane and tail brushed as well as a good grooming! 

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