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December 2018

Its hard to believe that its December already when there is no snow on the ground!  I am sure the horses would like to be without the ice, but it sure has been mild in Prince George!

I got permission to get back to riding as of Dec 7th, 2018!  A LONG 4 months without riding, but I am happy to report that I am not hurting while riding.  Finn is happy to be back to work and Sham got to go for a ride the other day too! I am happy to report that Sham is now sound at all three gaits!  Big thanks to Dave for the special shoes and to Kasara for the plan and previcox :)


Finn is now officially standing at stud! Here is his advertisement poster for the 2019 season. Also check out the video below! Please contact me for more information!

Finn Stallion Ad poster with description

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas! Jeff and I just hung around the house with the animals for the 25th and are due to have company from the 26th to the 30th. Here are some photos from around our place over the place few days :)

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