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Milton's Mottos

Any string is a good string. Even if it’s attached to a boot or a gate or a hay sled, the string is most definitely for you.

Gloves sticking out of your human’s pockets are fair game!

The balls must die. Sometimes the hay sled too.

All birds must be chased out of the pen immediately. Not now but right now!

My sisters want to play, even if they don’t know it yet.

My human likes to give me kisses and I think I like it.

I love warm hugs!

Water is only partially for drinking, it’s also there to play with. That includes the hose it comes in.

Loping is my favourite gait and flying lead changes are easy, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Sleeping is best if crammed against a wall on a soft bed of shavings.

Piled up clean shavings make the best bathroom!

My human will let me do pretty much long as I look cute enough while doing it. What does 'bad baby' mean?

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