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June 2019

By the end of June, all the babies had arrived! I ended up with 3 fillies and Mindy had her colt, Milton, on June 23rd at 315am. Milton is a sorrel (with rabicano) that will go grey like his mom. He sure is full of personality! Here are a collection of photos over the month of June of the babies (and a couple of Finn from our June 22 schooling show). Finn has bred 4 mares this year, two of which have been confirmed in foal (Elly and Maggie). Waiting to hear from clients as to if the two outside mares are also in foal. Show season will be starting a bit late for Finn and I this year due to foaling out and breeding obligations. Our first show will be the Ride N Slide here in Prince George, August 9 to 11th. Then we will hit the fall classic September 4th to 7th in Red Deer. 

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