NAK Horses also offers some horse training services. Nicole takes a very limited number of outside training horses and books up far in advance and is particular as to which horses she will take on.  Priority will be given to long term (3 months or more) training projects. Nicole does not start outside horses and will not take horses with serious vices. Nicole can customize the training program to fit the needs of the rider and horse. 

Tune-up training ride - $50/ride

Monthly training cost depends on how many months your horse will be coming. It is much more work for Nicole to take horses on for a shorter period of time and the new prices for 2021 reflect that. 

1 month - $1200/month which includes board and minimum of 20 rides

2 months - $1100/month which includes board and minimum of 40 rides

3 months or more - $1000/month which includes board and minimum of 20 rides per month

Riding horse in place of lesson - $50/ride

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