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Lesson Horses (Retired)

Owned Lesson Horses

Sham is a 1997 Quarter Horse/Anglo Arab cross gelding. Nicole has owned Sham since he was born and together they have done a little bit of everything together over the years (dressage, jumping, reining, cow work, barrels, poles, trails, cowboy challenge, ponying colts etc etc)! Sham has been a lesson horse since Spring 2008 and is known as the 'loping king' as he has taught numerous kids how to lope with his smooth, rhythmic stride. Sham has been an essential part of Nicole's success as a instructor and this horse will always been irreplaceable. Sham was diagnosed with arthritis in his front pasterns and fetlocks in June 2018. Sham has therefore been retired and will be used as a pasture babysitter or as a trail horse as he lives out the rest of his days!

Skipper is a 1992 Quarter Horse/Welsh pony cross gelding. Nicole had the opportunity to purchase Skipper fall 2014 and its a decision Nicole does not regret!  Skipper is a fantastic lesson horse with his honest, agreeable nature. Skipper has a great reining/cowhorse foundation from Morrison QHs. He is also great down the trail; taking care of beginner children to adults. Skipper is starting to slow down and will only be packing a couple of kids around for the 2018/2019 lesson season.

Non- Owned Lesson Horses (Some sold, some retired)






APRIL (no picture yet)

IN MEMORIAL= LIPPY (Leander Miss Otis), June 2003-May 2014

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