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Spring 2020

Where do you start when you describe Spring of 2020? Definitely a strange spring with the whole covid 19 but honestly for me, it felt pretty normal. Instead of lessons I was riding 5 to 6 horses a day and keeping myself out of trouble. Before all the chaos hit, our reining club managed to bring Shawna Sapergia in for a clinic which was wonderful. Finn and I learnt so much and he was feeling so ready to show this year........and then there were no shows lol.

Both Finn and Sham got out on the trail a lot in the past couple of months. Sham taught both yearlings (Milton and Cassidy) how to pony out on the trail and Finn got lots more experience hittin the trail. He is really relaxing to ride down the trail! 

Due to the lack of shows, Finn has been doing a little more breeding this year. He has currently bred 5 mares and is awaiting 2 more. Looking forward to having 7 Finn babies on the ground next year! 

Mindy and Toffee are both confirmed in foal to Finn for April 2021 babies!

I purchased a new mare to add to my broodmare band this spring. Her registered name is Steppinoutwithmychic and her barn name is Darla. Darla has NRHA earnings and is a direct daughter of Wimpys Little Step out of a daughter of Smart Chic Olena. Cant get much better bred than that! She is confirmed in foal to Finn for a May 2021 baby!

Maggie (Makin Me Shine) had her Finn baby on June 2nd; a gorgeous dunalino filly named Rosie. This filly is already sold to Sabrina Fedorak! Rosie is very people orientated and is so easy to work with. Her conformation was so correct from day one. She is going to make a great performance horse one day for Sabrina! 

Maggie gave me a bit of a scare and ended up with a uterine infection and tear. Fortunately 4 days of flushes and she is good to go! She was going to get a year off from breeding anyways so she will have lots of time to heal! 

The yearlings are looking fabulous and have such great personalities. Cassidy is huge (almost 14hh) and Milton is not too far behind her with big bone and feet. Very happy with how they are looking! 

I am back to riding Mindy again and that makes me so happy! She is my favourite horse to ride.

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